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Frequently Asked Questions:

One of our first delivery trucks, a 1959 Ford now reserved for parades and car shows.

One of our first delivery trucks, a 1959 Ford now reserved for parades and car shows.

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Propane 101


Yes, we actually only sell propane.  When we started in the fifties, the product was butane.  Then in the seventies, the liquefied petroleum gas industry changed to propane.  Because of our name recognition, we kept our original name.

The gas line needs to be a minimum of 18″ below final grade.

The tank needs to be at least 10 feet from your house, property lines and any source of ignition.  It also needs to be no more than 100 feet from where the delivery truck will park and in direct line of sight from the truck.  We can assist you with this decision.

Yes, in most cases, with the exception of a residential water heater.  Call us to have a service technician make that decision.

Gas code requires that whenever gas service has been interrupted the system must be checked for leaks.  If you run out of gas, that is considered an interruption of service and a pressure test must be performed.  It’s also our policy to do a safety check and pressure test for all new customers because we want to make sure that your gas system meets all safety requirements.

Some of our customers choose to call in when they want propane service.  This is different from our routed customers.  Our drivers have different delivery areas for each day.  We will try to work your order into their routed areas.  Please call when your tank gauge reads 20-30% because this will give us time to provide you the best service.

This is the preferred method of delivery.  our drivers maintain a route card on your usage and will schedule deliveries when your tank gauge reads approximately 40%, so that you need not worry about running out of propane.  As long as payments are maintained, this automatic delivery method gives you peace of mind about always having the propane you need to enjoy your gas appliances.

The price has many variables and the market reacts rapidly to these.  Some of the factors may include the price of crude oil and natural gas uses in the manufacture of propane.  There will also be price variables caused by seasonal temperature and related supply and demand pressure in the marketplace.

Propane is delivered into the tank in liquid form.  this liquid volume in your tank will expand when the temperature increases.  We will fill your tank to the 80-85% level so expansion of the gas can take place.  The opposite is also true.  If your tank is filled and you go out to check the gauge and the temperature is colder, your gauge may show less because the gas volume has decreased because the temperature is lower than when it was filled.  So your tank is full at 80% and about 1/2 full at 40%.  The tank gauges also do get stuck occasionally, ask us for assistance if you notice a problem.

If you smell propane or suspect a leak, turn off the faucet under the lit of the propane tank.  Remove your family from the home and call authorities or our office as soon as possible.